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You do not have to queue on at the post-office or to wait for your pension at home for the whole day — we offer you to receive pension at PRAVEX-BANK. You have just to address the Bank and you will be able to receive pension at any time and any point of Ukraine.

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Money transfers

What money transfer system do you use?

Money transfers

For individuals

Documents necessary for carrying out an international money transfer

For residents:

For citizens of Ukraine - a national passport of the citizen of Ukraine or a substituting document. A substituting document can be a temporary identity card issued by the passport service. If the passport is lost or stolen, the internal affairs authorities issue a temporary identity certificate of a citizen of Ukraine for one month (the term may be extended up to three months) on the basis of the Regulation and Rules of issuing the temporary identity certificate of a citizen of Ukraine approved by Decree of Ministry of Internal Affairs dated 28.06.93 No. 102.

If opening a current account is necessary, an identification number should be presented.

For foreign citizens - a national passport (with a note on the possession of a residence permit) and Ukrainian document - residence certificate of Ukraine for foreign citizens.

Stateless persons - Ukrainian document - residence certificate of Ukraine.

For non-residents:

For citizens of Ukraine - a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travelling abroad, with the note of registration in the consul institution of Ukraine and residence mark, with the seal (visa seal, seal of the respective diplomatic representation office or consulate institution of Ukraine).

For foreign citizens or stateless persons who:

  1. Are in transit on the territory of Ukraine: a passport document of a foreign citizen or stateless person is a document confirming the foreign person's citizenship or identifying a stateless person, issued by the authorized body of the foreign country or UNO statute institution. A passport document with a visa; if the legislation of Ukraine does not provide otherwise - a visa-free regime. A passport (passport document) must be registered at the border checkpoint, i.e., an "Entry" stamp must be put in the passport. The registration stamp validity term for countries with a visa regime is up to 6 months; visa-free countries - up to 90 days.
  2. Came to Ukraine for employment for a definite time interval:
    • passport (passport document) with an employment permit mark in Ukraine;
    • temporary residence permit.
  3. Study in educational establishments of Ukraine for not less than 1 year - a passport (passport document) with an education mark indicating the educational establishment and study period.

To carry out identification, it is necessary to define the place of residence or stay of the individual. Documents confirming the place of residence of the individual are a housing and maintenance certificate, an immigration card, and a lease agreement. If the client does not present documents confirming residence, he will be considered unidentified.

Individuals - non-residents must provide the source of origin of the funds to send the transfer. The following documents are the source of origin of funds: a customs declaration indicating the amount of the imported funds, certificate issued by the place of employment and indicating the revenue amount received for a definite period of time, other documents.

For refugees - foreigners (foreign citizens, stateless persons) - a refugee certificate issued by the migration services of the State Committee for Nationalities and Migration of Ukraine. These persons must be registered with the internal affairs authorities for the refugee certificate validity period.

Necessary documents, special conditions, and transaction amount limitations established by the laws of Ukraine.

If the documents, which are the basis for the transfer, are executed in a foreign language, they must be translated into Ukrainian and notarized.

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